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How can I order the Internet?

My boyfriend is in Senegal now, Dakar. He could get your sim card, but because of the language barrier he can not understand how to use it correctly. Thanks to your help, we found out his number, and found a way to replenish it. At the moment I read about the conditions and cost of various Internet offerings, according to volume or time of use. But there was a difficulty, in view of the fact that his phone does not support the application Orange et moi. In what sequence via USSD code can be ordered for example 5GB for 7 days?
Do we need to know his tariff plan? And how is this possible?




Ambassadeur Orange
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Hello Brother !

I suggest you communicate your type of subscription and the modem you use to our customer service.

Our agents will tell you if it is compatible and call you to guide you when setting up if necessary.

here is the link to contact them directly.


Do not hesitate to come back if you have any other questions about the products and services of orange Senegal.

Thank you