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Unlocking of the I Phone Orange Sim so i can use the phone abroad!

We bought an Iphone at the Dakar City boutique about a month ago. My wife, who had to travel to South Africa and will be there for the next couple of months, tried to change the SIM from Orange (Senegal) to Vodacom (South Africa) and was requested to put a security code on the phone. I visited your Orange store at Sea Plaza yesterday asking for this and the lady who assisted me bluntly told me that the phone is Orange SIM locked for the first 6 months. We were not informed of this when buying the phone at Dakar City and i find it strange that a company like Orange would put such restrictions on an I phone, making it useless in other countries. My question: Please provide me with the security number for my wife's phone (nr. 780147834) immediately so she can use her phone abroad. Thanks, Ronny.

Ronny Fuss
Ronny Fuss

Ronny Fuss

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Hello Ronny Fuss
I am really sorry about this situation.
I advice you to send an email to serviceclient@orange-sonatel.com and give at the same time a copy of your I.D card and the delivery note. After that, they can help you about the security number to unlock the phone.
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